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Ultralife Ultra Flux




Ultralife ‘UltraFlux’ for Bryopsis and Green Hair Algae. UltraFlux has been designed with simplicity of use in mind. Simply use 1 premeasured capsule for every 10 gallons of aquarium water.

UFLUX100 Treats up to 100 gallons (10 Premeasured Capsules)

UFLUX200 Treats up to 200 gallons (20 Premeasured Capsules)

UFLUX400 Treats up to 400 gallons (40 Premeasured Capsules)

Keep out of reach of children.

For Aquarium use only

Directions: Adjust your protein skimmer so there is no overflow. Remove carbon and other filter media for the duration of the treatment. Thoroughly dissolve the contents of 1 pre-measured capsule for each 10 gallons of aquarium water into 1 cup of aquarium water.. Pour the solution into the aquarium. May require up to 2 weeks or more for optimum results. May effect pH and ammonia levels. Each capsule contains 200 Mg. Fluconazole.

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