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Spectrapure Power Head Liquid Level Controller LLC-PH


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LLC-PH Power Head Liquid Level Controller – 115VAC w/ sensor tube controller switched 115 VAC safety-grounded receptacle

SpectraPure Power Liquid Level Controller uses a sensitive air pressure switch to energize or de-energize an AC outlet, which can be used to switch a power head or a 115 volt pump up to 3 Amps continuous duty. The unit can be set to turn a pump off with rising water levels and on when the water level drops about 1 inch.

– For automatic replenishment of evaporated liquid on systems which require AC electrical control
– Controls up to 3 Amp continuous duty pumps and other 115 volt power heads
– Extremely useful for continuous water change systems other level control applications
– 5 feet of Remote sensor tubing provided (custom lengths available)

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